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The Stretcher Program is a program designed for spiritual leaders… those that have a strong desire to serve God. It is not just another week of camp and it is not for everyone… it is limited to 10-12th graders demonstrating a love for the Lord and a desire to obey Him. The focus of the program is on being a servant as Christ was a servant. During the week you will work closely with the summer staff as well as have Bible studies with the leadership. It is our desire for you, as well as for ourselves, to have the mindset that Christ had when He came to earth.
Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…”
The Application:

Please take the time to completely and thoughtfully fill out the application. It is important that you answer each question honestly. There are no “wrong” answers… we just want to know how we can help you grow spiritually.

Note: the application below includes all three forms. You can access just the parent or pastor form as well if needed.

Parent / Guardian Form:

This form should be filled out by a parent or guardian and returned with the application.

Pastor Recommendation Form:

In order to limit the program to those young people who have a strong desire to serve God we ask that each applicant have their pastor or youth pastor fill out this form. Since this recommendation form will be mailed separately it would be helpful to provide a pre-addressed and stamped envelope for your pastor.

I am excited about this program and the opportunity to spend time in the Word with young people who love the Lord and have a desire to serve Him. If this is your desire, then consider being a part. The cost is $125 per week (except Primary week, which is $85) plus a $30 bus fee if you need to ride the bus. If you plan to attend for more than one week we will only charge one bus fee for all trips, as we cannot keep Stretchers over the weekend. Please be sure to indicate on the form which weeks you plan to attend. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at camp.
Eric Locker

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